Bryony Benge-Abbott

From tiny fragments of lichen clinging to inner-city walls to dense tropical rainforest undergrowth, Bryony’s murals, paintings, drawings and installations play with pattern, scale and composition, and merge symbolism, abstraction and expressionism as they reach for immersive studies of nature, creating portals to the natural world.


Bryony is inspired by the geographical concept of place, tracing human-made meanings of the natural world through space and time. Sensory experiences of journeying into landscapes, macro and micro, are intertwined with encounters with ancestral memory, references to cultural, natural and political histories, and reflections on ecological and spiritual concepts of interconnectedness.


Bryony grounds her artwork in primary source research, layering tangible and intangible heritage and interweaving maps, mythology and botany in her ongoing search to find new perspectives on our human relationship with nature. In moving between sensations of losing oneself and finding oneself in the landscape, recent works are becoming increasingly mixed-media, large-scale and spatial, layering oils, spray paint, acrylic, pencil, ink, textile and experimenting with embodied drawing and installation.


Bryony’s fascination with the microscopic world was sparked by work with scientists at The Francis Crick Institute and the Milner Centre of Evolution, who delve into invisible cellular worlds to better understand the visible world around us. She also sources inspiration by trekking through landscapes from Bornean tropical rainforest to English ancient woodland. Working en plein air, Bryony studies the world around her before bringing it back into the studio.