The Blak Box Experience by Disrupt Space

An Exhibition of Our Virtual and Augmented Reality App

Available for both Apple and Android platforms, the Disrupt Space mobile application allows you to experience authentic cultural African art in your home and office before you decide to make it a piece of your fine collection. The availability of the mobile app was announced and demonstrated during the Blak Box exhibition to let the guests get familiar with the virtual world Disrupt Space has developed for them.

The exhibition was held on Thursday 27th October at Brixton's Department Store building to admire the fine work of several contemporary artists and celebrate their successes in creating marvelous art pieces. Attended by many art enthusiasts from all over the UK, the event was a huge success.

The Blak Box Exhibition was organized with the support of the London Community Foundation to reconnect contemporary art lovers with our most admired artists and their creations. Our artists exhibited their artwork, in a program that included a collection of prints, 3 commissioned short films and each day participants heard from the key people involved. The discussions spoke about the art and provided space to air thoughts and opinions, especially around the underpinning importance and meaning of the work.