Experience Disrupt Space Art in a Virtual Gallery

Interact with the art you appreciate, walk through exhibition halls, engage with artists, and import art into your home or office space with an option to purchase from the same interface.

The Disrupt Space app is available for both Apple and Android devices, which can be downloaded using the QR codes provided below. Our app is designed to offer you an immersive and interactive gallery exhibition experience. The goal is to provide our visitors, supporters, and patrons enjoy a surreal experience in next-generation augmented reality mode.


The Disrupt Space actively promotes contemporary black visual artists and their best work. We showcase their artwork, giving them the platform to receive the much-desired acknowledgment and appraisal. Art and culture are never bound by borders, but there are limitations of a physical exhibition that restrict the global outreach of an artist’s work. The Disrupt Space app leverages the limitlessness of tech and takes their art worldwide in real-time!

Immersive Technology

Our app uses next-generation immersive technology to offer a unique interactive experience.

Multiple Exhibition Halls

Walk through multiple exhibition halls to get a life-like experience within the app.

3D Virtual Reality 

Explore and experience our artists and their art in a 360-degrees 3D virtual reality interface. 

Art Import and Purchase

Import art into your own space, try it, and if you like it, you can order the art from the app.


We believe that the Disrupt Space App will significantly impact black artists and bring their artwork into the limelight globally. With this app, any art lover can download the app, log into the gallery and navigate the most impressive and exclusive art from the convenience of their chair. If you like an artwork, order is there to lock it, and we will ship it to your address. Download the app and try it now!