Moving minds and hearts with art


Disrupt Space offers a novel and interesting way to support corporations’ Diversity and Inclusion education goals. We create visual manifestations of diversity and inclusion serving corporates to answer the question of how a corporation can reinforce and embrace their D&I goals via art, as a way to message values in a beautiful, fun, engaging way...


We offer different levels of immersion, customised to clients’ needs such as the takeover of spaces (building lobbies, atriums, receptions, offices, stairwells or commissaries) to create bespoke content programming with art at its core. Disrupt Space seeks to enlighten audiences by sharing stories through art by artists of colour.


Pop Up

Pop Ups offer corporations a subscription turnkey service to provide an ongoing rotation of art work that would be curated, with optional educational materials if desired (e.g. background on piece/artist/context etc.). We would work with you to identify a suitable space within your facilities, and on all set-up and maintenance requirements. Size, frequency, rotation, and alignment to ongoing D&I initiatives would be developed with the client based on your needs and quoted accordingly. Below are figures for Pop Ups, Pop Launch, Art Encounter and Artist In Residency programme.


Cost - The total cost for a pop-up exhibition is £15,000 per month. If this figure exceeds the available budget, companies can work with us as a Project Partner. Partners take responsibility for delivering specific aspects of the project, and by doing so, this reduces our cost. Producing the exhibition catalogue is an example that can achieve this. The cost reduction is negotiable and reflects the extent of the partners' involvement. All of our exhibitions are based on art being available for sale throughout the booking.


Pop Launch

As above plus, the launch event includes the unveiling of specifically created works of art that are unveiled to the public by the artist at the launch event. The theme for the launch will be determined in consultation with the client. Both Pop Up and Pop Launch essentially provides a rotating exhibition of ever changing purposeful art for clients to engage their internal and external stakeholders throughout the exhibition period.


Arts Encounter

Arts Encounter adds arts education to the offer, comprising of ‘meet the artist’ opportunities and ‘try your hand’ practical art classes. These are bespoke packages that are designed in consultation with the client. 


Artist In Residency

Where corporations wish to see their public spaces reflect their mission, vision and values, Disrupt Space can explore the placing of our artists for a defined period of time, to produce works of art that specifically reflects and promotes the organisations’ brand.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Contact Director, Paul Reid on where corporations are interested in sponsoring Disrupt Space Limited in our endeavours to support artists to become the very best they can be.


Pop Launch

Commissioned art produced specifically for the launch starts at £1,500 per commissioned piece, 3 – 5 works of art are recommended.


Arts Encounter

Arts Encounter workshops are from £2,500 per 2-hour workshop for up to 15 participants (including all instructors and materials).  


For Artist in Residency and Corporate Social Responsibility enquiries

Artist In Residency and Corporate Social Responsibility enquiries should be directed to We look forward to hearing from you.