Elicia Mckenzie

Elicia was born in East London and her creative talent was first recognised by her mother at the early age of 3 years old whilst sketching nursery rhyme characters. Elicia is an expressionist artist that mainly specialises in water mixable oils and charcoal to create either a representational or abstract art piece for an individual, organisation or event.

Elicia’s recent ‘Movement’ and ‘Black Icons’ series represents her fascination with roles models, cars, metal and human connections. Even though very different in style and medium, they are interlinked by the subjects' kinetic and potential energy.

Elicia creates figurative and abstract art that fascinates her and has just started a new journey, to blend impressionism with her intimate emotions and powerful ideas

With no plan in place, just escape and love in mind, I created you. Layer by layer, each time feeling freer than before, capturing your boldness, your majestic being, your speed and your energy. It was about being in my moment, it was about your Movement.” E.