Elicia Mckenzie

Elicia was born in East London and her creative talent was first recognised by her mother at the early age of 3 years old, whilst sketching nursery rhyme characters.

Elicia is an expressionist artist that mainly specialises in water mixable oils and charcoal to create either a representational or abstract art piece for an individual client, organisation or event.

Working in sets of series, Elicia’s work represents her fascination with icons and her movement into the most male-dominated areas of automobiles and aerospace. Her process starts with a simple photograph of the subject, which then grows into a mini-obsession with intense research to justify her attraction to these most often untouchable and sometimes unreachable subjects. Then it finally develops into an art form of admiration.

Even though very different in style and medium, they are interlinked by the subjects' energy, explosion of colour, or the simplicity of the subject's beauty. Her work captures the subjects' legacy or purpose in the world.

Elicia is not only an artist for Disrupt Space but also freelance project manager for the agency.