Elicia Mckenzie

Elicia was born in East London and her creative talent was first recognized by her mother at the early age of 3 years old. Elicia is an expressionist artist that mainly specializes in water mixable oils to create either a representational or abstract art piece for an individual, organization or event. Elicia’s inspiration to paint has come from two of her favorite artists, Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein for his bold use of colors and portraiture artist Jonathan Yeo for capturing the essence and narrative of a person in his work. Elicia’s recent work ‘Movement’ series and ‘Portraits of black icons’ even though very different in style and medium, are interlinked due to the thread of light or highlights demonstrated in her use of white paint or chalk. Elicia creates art work that fascinates her and allows the subject to dedicate if it will be a figurative or an abstract piece.