Damel Carayol

Art, like fruit, is a passion and is central to our wellbeing and cohesion.

As a painter I’ve been journeying through oils to enable a soulful giving - with a beauty of imagery and depth of perception. I’m perennially seeking to deliver a better overstanding of who we are as a oneness, encapsulated in historical account and religious doctrine - to extract our contributions, and exaltations, essentially from an Afrocentric perspective.

My motivation remains figurative but I’m currently journeying through what I call “Afstract Figurative”. What excites me of late is an unobtrusive use of unconventional materials such as bitumen, soil and other sourced materials to mix with my paintings. This, married with a new step into an NFT, immersive digital art space both challenge, and immensely intrigue me.

Moving forward, I dream to work from my birthplace of The Gambia and beyond, whilst travelling back and forth, home from home to the UK.

"Wherever we lay our feet, that's our soil"