Disrupt Space

Price : £3500

Charcoal, pencils and Acrylic paint on paper

Size : 50cm x 50cm

When Ibim was growing-up he fell flat on his face while playing and hurt himself. The response from family members and neighbours was “you’re a man, don’t cry”. It was not an isolated incident. Ibim knew then, as he does now, that there was something fundamentally wrong with these responses. He saw a pattern shared with other boys and young men in his community, as they were socialised as young men.

'Men Don't Cry' is a statement that respects culture but reminds us that culture is constantly evolving. Not everything from the past do we need practice and take with us into the future. Ibim asks us to consider what aspects of culture do we need to keep, what do we need to change and what do we need to challenge? He concludes, the power of sharing your emotions, being on the verge of tears or even uncontrollable bawling... isn't a weakness. It's a strength.

Collections: Ibim Cookey

Type: Art